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Prepping Your Boat Seminar

We have finalized details for the 'Prepping Your Boat' seminar in Januray 2019! Join us to hear from experts from Ullman Sails, Harney Yacht Rigging, and All Boat and Yacht Inspections and start getting your boat prepped now!

The following topics will be covered:

Evaluating Your Sails: Race vs. Cruise Sails; Upgrading; High Tech Sails

Evaluating Your Rigging: Climbing the Mast Safely; Common Rigging Failures

Evaluating Your Boat: Major Systems Checks; Complying with Safety Requirements; Identify When a Professional Evaluation is Needed.

RSVP now to reserve your seat. Space is limited. Rsvp@bermudaoceanrace.com

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CPR & First Aid for Boaters

The Annapolis to Bermuda Race Committee, is pleased to sponsor a CPR and First Aid Course designed especially for boaters. The program, taught by American Heart Association Certified Instructors, who are all experienced boaters, covers the following topics:

  • CPR for Adults and Children/with and without face mask

  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Training

  • First Aid Basics

  • Medical Emergencies

  • Injury Emergencies

  • Environmental Emergencies

  • Special Medical Concerns and Emergencies for Boaters

Upon completion of the training, students will receive an American Heart Association Course Completion Card in CPR & First Aid. This certification card is accepted by the USCG for Captain’s License requirements. It has a two-year expiration date.

Cost is $85

If you have questions about this training, please contact Alan Karpas at alan@safetyinstituteofMD.com

If you would like to register, please complete this form and send it to alan@safetyinstituteofMD.com

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