A2B mentors are here to help make your passage from registration to race start as smooth as possible. We are a team of ocean race veterans, both casual cruisers and seasoned competitors. Whether you are just testing the waters or have committed to your first ocean race, A2B mentors can advise and assist you with everything from race logistics to offshore rules compliance and systems design.

It's often said among those who have completed an ocean race that preparing for the race can be much more challenging than the race itself. That’s why we are offering our skills, resources, and tips and tricks. We can direct you to specialists as well should you need help that we can’t provide ourselves.

It's also said among sailors that if you’re thinking about reefing, it’s probably already too late! Race veterans will assure you that it’s never too early to start your race planning and preparation. We encourage you to contact us for assistance and, if for nothing else, encouragement and reassurance, today or yesterday!

When you contact us we will pair you up with a mentor who can best assist you with your particular needs. Often we’ll be able to assist you by phone or email. In some cases we can also arrange to spend some time on your boat to offer guidance.

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