Safety is a primary consideration of the Race and the Committee is committed to ensuring that entrants are as well prepared as possible for their adventure. In addition to a number of seminars provided by the race, entrants can consult with Mentors as well as the Race Safety Officer.  

Some boats will require modifications to meet safety requirements, and some crew may require training. We strongly urge participants to begin preparing as early as possible to avoid the "spring rush" before the race when rental equipment, modifications, and training can be difficult to acquire or complete.

The safety requirements for the 2018 have yet to be released.  However, a link to the 2016 requirements are provided below for reference purposes.  For answers to some common questions regarding the race consult the A2B Safety FAQ or contact the Race Safety Officer.  An extensive safety seminar will be held in 2017.  The date and time of that seminar has yet to be announced.  However, once announced this event sells out quickly so please subscribe to our email list so that when the announcement is made you will be able to sign up and get a spot.