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2014 Results are in:


Chaotic Flux is first to finish 2014 Annapolis Bermuda Race.


Gallant is the first to finish on corrected time.

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A2B Daily

Results For Annapolis 2 Bermuda  (A2B)  2014

Andy Uroskie (410) 849-8523    Auroskie@aol.com



First To Finish:   Chaotic Flux


First To Finish (corrected time):   Gallant


Division 1:


1st.   Chaotic Flux

2nd.  Bad Cat

3rd.   Mazal Tov


Division 2:


1st.   Gallant

2nd.  Integrity

3rd.   Alpha Papa



Division 3:


1st.   Impromptu

2nd.  Rover

3rd.   SunBreak




A2B Daily Friday, June 13

Daily A2B Summary for Friday, June 13, 2014

Andy Uroskie (410) 849-8523    Auroskie@aol.com


All Division 1 and Division 2 boats have finished.


The remaining Division 3 boats finished this morning, Breezing Up and The Office. The Office finished by rounding south of Bermuda and sailing up the east side of Bermuda to the finish line.


Team Wichard is 9 nm out at 11:30 EDT and should finish soon bringing the race to a close.


The boats had a light S 5-7 knot wind this morning.


Reminder: All my reporting is on Elapsed Time not Corrected Time.

The official results of the race will be announced Saturday after 11:00 EDT when all Protests and Logs are required to be submitted.

A2B Daily Thursday, June 12

Daily A2B Summary for Thursday, June 12, 2014

Andy Uroskie (410) 849-8523    Auroskie@aol.com


Chaotic Flux is within sight of the finish this morning with Bad Cat close behind in Division 1.


Gallant and Integrity (9 nm out) are fighting for the lead in Division 2, followed by Alpha Papa.


Leading Division 3: Impromptu (65 nm out), then SunBreak and

R.F.S. Patriot fighting for 3rd position.


Reminder: All my reporting is on Elapsed Time not Corrected Time.

The official results of the race will be announced Saturday after 11:00 EDT when all Protests and Logs are required to be submitted.


The boats reported light SW 5-7 knot wind and clear sky.


The Bermuda Marine Forecast is SW 4-8 knots of wind today.


Medley (withdrawn) is 5 nm out motoring into Bermuda.


A2B Daily, Monday, June 9

Daily A2B Summary for Monday, June 9, 2014

Andy Uroskie (410) 849-8523    Auroskie@aol.com


The fleet had a slow Sunday with wind less than 5 knots through most of the day. The wind picked up over night and this morning to the current 10-15 knots from the SSW resulting in boat speeds as high as 8.1 knots.


Bad Cat and Chaotic Flux have the Division 1 lead and Poco a Poco, Gallant and Integrity in Division 2 are clustered just behind.


Impromptu and SunBreak are leading Division 3 about 35 nm behind Bad Cat, the leader in Division 1. Boats reported they are in the Gulf Stream.              


Next report Tuesday noon.


A2B Daily

Withdraw Notice Medley has withdrawn from the race at 11:00 EDT Wednesday, June 11. Reason: lack of wind They are 175 nm out and motoring at 7.5 knots ETA Bermuda - mid day Thursday, June 12 We are tracking them in Andy Uroskie. 410-849-8523

A2B Daily Sunday, June 8

Daily A2B Summary for Sunday, June 8, 2014

Andy Uroskie (410) 849-8523    Auroskie@aol.com


The first of the boats cleared the Chesapeake Bay Bridge a little after 6 PM Saturday evening with a 5 knot wind from the West.


By 5 AM Sunday , the wind had moved NW and had increased to 5-10 knots off the coast.  Bad Cat had taken back the Division 1 lead and was north of the rhumb line doing 5 knots.


 Chaotic Flux was leading most of the fleet that had decided to stay below the rhumb line.  Poco a Poco and Gallant are leading Division 2. Team Wichard  and Impromptu were leading Division 3.


At the Sunday morning call in, all boats had cleared the bay and were experiencing boat speeds 5 knots or less.


Next report Monday noon.


A2B Daily Wednesday, June 11

Daily A2B Summary for Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Andy Uroskie (410) 849-8523    Auroskie@aol.com


The fleet is on the home stretch of the 753 nm course and all are moving at 4-7 knots. The boats are reporting a cloudy day and a 5-12 knot SW wind.


Chaotic Flux, Bad Cat and Medley are still leading Division 1.


IntegrityGallant and Alpha Papa lead in Division 2.


R.F.S. Patriot, Impromptu and SunBreak are leading Division 3.


If these conditions continue, the boats should start finishing tomorrow morning. Bermuda Marine Forecast is S 5-10 knots of wind today and this evening.


Next report Thursday noon.


A2B Daily


Daily A2B Summary for

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Andy Uroskie (410) 849-8523    Auroskie@aol.com

The race got off to a beautiful spinnaker start at 13:35 EDT on a sunny Friday afternoon with a NE 5-10 kt wind. By 8 PM, Bad Cat was leading the fleet doing 6 kts off the mouth of the Patuxent River.

By midnight, the wind had dropped to less than 5 kts and Chaotic Flux had the lead with Bad Cat and Gallant running third (and leading Division 2) off the mouth of the Potomac River. Team Wichard was leading Division 3 at Cove Point.

At the 0800 call in, Bad Cat was back in the lead with Gallant astern off the mouth of the Rappahannock River with less than 5 kts of NW wind.

 R.F.S. Patriot reported anchoring during the night. Team Wichard still leading Division 3. All boats reported in.

Warriors Wish withdrew and did not start due to problems encountered in the ocean coming to Annapolis from N.C. See The Capital, Friday, June 6.

Next report Sunday noon.


A2B Starts Today -- Come Out and Watch

The Annapolis Bermuda Race starts today!  The weather looks light and favorable for the start with winds predicted out of the northwest at 5-10 knots.  With spinnakers likely flying, the start should be colorful against the beautiful backdrop of the Chesapeake.  Come out and watch from land near Eastport Yacht Club or on the water.

Annapolis Bermuda Race Start Lineup

  • Parade of A2B boats flying racing pennants - noon
  • Warning Signal for the 1st start – 1:30 p.m.
  • Race starts in the vicinity of R-2 at the entrance to the Severn River

Spectator On-Water Courtesy

  • Observe speed limits and "no wake" restrictions.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the racers, stay aft of their beam and avoid passing across their bows.
  • Sailboats keep your sails down in the area adjacent to the start area. By doing so you'll help shore side and other on-water spectators see the race; you won't interfere with the racers' wind patterns; and you won't be confused with a race boat.

A2B Daily Tuesday, June 10

Daily A2B Summary for Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Andy Uroskie (410) 849-8523    Auroskie@aol.com


The fleet has pasted the half way point of the 753 nm course and all are moving at 5-8 knots. The boats are spread out across 100 nm reporting a clear day and an 8-12 knot SW wind.


Chaotic Flux, Bad Cat and Medley are leading Division 1.

IntegrityGallant, and Poco a Poco, in Division 2 lead are still clustered within 10 nm of each other.


SunBreak, Impromptu and R.F.S. Patriot  are leading Division 3.


Next report Wednesday noon.


A2B Daily

Daily A2B Summary
Andy Uroskie (410) 849-8523 Auroskie@aol.com

Starting Saturday, June 7, there will be a daily summary of race progress and additional information obtained from each morning boat call-ins. They will be posted here on the website by noon through the duration of the race with ends at 0800 EDT, Saturday, June 14.

Next report Saturday noon.

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